Picture Books

Bedtime for Little Bulldozer

Illustrated by Barry Jackson
Henry Holt and Company, March 2019

It’s time for bed, but Little Bulldozer isn’t sleepy at all. He brushes his teeth, takes a bath, and reads a bedtime story, but everything he does is louder, messier, and funnier because he’s a bulldozer! His human parents try their best to help him, but sometimes you have to figure out how to fall asleep on your own. A reassuring, power-down bedtime story for little ones who have trouble bull-dozing off to dreamland.

“Ah, but what a fun and funny ride it is. . . a traditional, not-ready-for-bedtime story with heavy machinery, which takes it to another level.”
– School Library Journal

“You can lead a bulldozer to bed, but you can’t make him sleep. . . Good-hearted tale of antsy, agitated equipment.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“In this sweet bedtime story. . . kids will love watching the bulldozer going through a similar bedtime routine. The illustrations are full of dark colors and soft textures, encouraging kids to settle in to sleep.”
– Babies to Bookworms

My Pet Wants A Pet

Illustrated by Eric Barclay
Henry Holt and Company, March 2018

A little boy wants something to take care of — something of his very own. He begs and he begs and he begs his mother, until — what do you know? She says YES. So the boy gets a puppy, and they have such a wonderful time together that before long, the puppy too wants a pet… and then his pet wants a pet, and so on and so on until HELP! How many pets are too many?


“In this book about a comically expanding family of pets. . . all characters—two-legged, four-legged, or no-legged—[are] having a fantastic time playing and chasing each other. Except for the mother, that is, though the boy finds a nifty way to resolve that dilemma. Great comedy throughout, with an inspiring closer.”
– Booklist

“This sweet story with beautifully vivid illustrations demonstrates how caring for others leads to personal happiness. A winning choice for storytime and family sharing.”
School Library Journal

“From Broach and Barclay comes a story about the affection that grows between living beings who care for one another… The charming pen-and-watercolor illustrations add to the humor and fun of this adorable book… that parents and children will enjoy laughing at together.”
– Kirkus

“Barclay’s simple, cheery ink-and-watercolor pictures foreshadow each adoption and emphasize the joy shared by the boy and the many pets, if not by Mom. Broach’s language is similarly straightforward as she underscores the responsibilities and rewards of caring for another and the expansive possibilities of family.”
– Publishers Weekly

Illustrated by Richard Egielski

Atheneum Books for Young Readers, April 2010

Peter and fearless, clueless Uncle Nigel head deep into the heart of the jungle, in search of the Zimbobo Mountain Gorilla. They encounter one obstacle after another… dense thickets, broiling hot plains, crocodile-filled rivers. How will they survive their adventure? All it takes is a bit of gumption!


“Will keep readers giggling at how hapless some grownups—and how resourceful some children—can be.”
– Publishers Weekly

“The repetitive phrases, succinct text, bold watercolors, and heavy black outlines combine to make this a successful selection for group sharing. Youngsters will enjoy being in on the humor created by a clueless adult and animal antics. They’ll absorb a new word – and possibly an attitude.”
– School Library Journal

“Broach fills this spunky story with delicious language, including words like ‘zonked’ and ‘dung.’ Egielski is in fine form. . . Altogether a hearty delight for any young adventurer with a drop or two of gumption.”
– Kirkus Reviews


When Dinosaurs Came With Everything

Illustrated by David Small
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, September 2007

Just when a little boy thinks he’s going to die of boredom from running errands with his mom, the most remarkable thing happens! He discovers that on this day only, stores everywhere are giving away a very special treat… not the usual stickers or lollipops, but DINOSAURS!

It’s a dream come true, except… what exactly do you do with these Jurassic treats? And how do you convince Mom to let you keep them?



“Broach and Caldecott Medalist Small’s deadpan delivery of a delectably over-the-top premise makes this tall-format picture book a virtually guaranteed crowd pleaser. . . Packs an outsize helping of humor.”
– Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“What if one day every merchant in town offered up, and indeed, insisted that shoppers take home a live dinosaur (free) with every purchase? That’s what happens to a boy and his mother in this sweet, absurd story that unfolds very much like a dream.”
– Kirkus, Starred Review

“Enticing, useful, and wish-fulfilling, this has ‘firm favorite’ written all over it, especially if you invite the audience to bring their own, presumably toy, dinosaurs.”
– Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books, Starred Review


Cousin John is Coming!
Illustrated by Nate Lilly

Dial Books for Young Readers, June 2006

“Ben, sweetheart, I have a very special surprise for you. Cousin John is coming!”

Lock the doors! Pack your bags! Run for your life! Sneaky Cousin John only acts like a bully when adults aren’t around, so Mom doesn’t know it’s a battle of wills every visit. Ben and the kitty are on the verge of fleeing… when inspiration strikes. Suddenly, he and his loyal feline companion have reason to think that this visit will be fun, even if it’s not the way Mom imagines.

“Broach’s chirpy, keenly observed text acts as an effective comic foil to her
collaborator’s vision of an all-in-the-family near-apocalypse.”

– Publishers Weekly

“A fun choice for all collections.”
– School Library Journal

“This is a great book for entertainment that succeeds in invoking the imagination; readers might even notice a little bird following them from page to page.”
– Children’s Literature

Wet Dog!

Illustrated by David Catrow
Dial Books for Young Readers, May 2005

Well, that too-hot dog in the too-hot sun just had to cool off somehow. So he heaved to his feet, and he sniffed the air, and he trotted off down the road…pat-a-pat, pat-a-pat, pat.

He’s a good old dog and a hot old dog and he just has to find himself some cool! But where? In the spray of a hose, the spritzing of a rose, or the mucky waters of a creek?

Wherever he goes, all he ever hears is “Shoo! Go on now—shoo!” Will there be a place where this panting pup-on-a-mission can finally become a soggy doggy?

Come splash right into all the wild goings-on as one very determined canine seeks relief from the heat.

“Exuberant pencil-and-watercolor illustrations practically bounce off the pages in this delightful read-aloud… This new-on-the-scene author and veteran illustrator have scored a hit.”
– School Library Journal

“Catrow’s in rare form here, well matched by Broach’s lively prose. Here’s can’t-sit-still reading, in summer’s heat—or any other time.”
– Kirkus Reviews